Our main business is about creating interactive learning environment from which people can learn and acquire knowledge. We create learning environment in the form of physical exhibits and exhibitions, and online learning environment in the form of thematic educational websites and e-learning portals.

Learning is also a social activity. Learning occurs when people interact with one another, or, when learners interact with facilitators. For that, we offer various outreach programs and thematic educational activities which can be carried out on short-term and long-term basis.

Learning requires a lot of supporting materials. At DANAU, we also design and produce interactive media content in the form of e-learning modules, interactive exhibits and learning kiosk, as well as thematic content that caters to the unique learning requirements of individual users.

Our approach towards the design and development of learning environment has always been to create emotional and mind changing experiences that stimulate people to learn, to act and pursue knowledge beyond possession

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