Danau is our brand name
The DANAU group of companies consist of Danau Digital, Pamer, KnowledgeWorks Studio, and Danau Scientific. There is probably a few more to come!

DANAU is an innovative and resourceful company.
We constantly tell ourselves to challenge the boundaries of possibilities and to be persistently resourceful as we seek to provide solutions for our customers.


DANAU is a design and development company.
We specialize in the design and development of learning environment and the supporting info-structure. From museum exhibitions to multimedia learning environment, our role is to design and develop unforgettable learning experience.

DANAU is a technology-based company.
We understand that learning is not all about technology. But we also know that technology can help facilitate learning. We will use technology when using  technology is necessary.

DANAU is a purpose driven company.
We exist with a sense of purpose, to enhance people’s life through knowledge. We have implemented our projects by taking full responsibility for its success knowing that it could change the lives of the people we encountered.

DANAU is committed to giving back to society what we have gained.
We run internally funded programs to give back to society what we have gained from the various commercial programs commissioned to us by our customers.

DANAU is a knowledge-based company with passion for knowledge and learning.
Our job is to instil knowledge in people. We strive to make learning easy, interesting, and enriching. We hope is to inspire people to make decisions and take actions that will forever change their lives.

DANAU is committed towards the development of its knowledge workers
Our knowledge workers are the engine of growth for the Company. We like to think that by developing our knowledge workers personally and professionally we are also indirectly developing our Nation’s competitiveness.

DANAU seeks mutually beneficial partnership with business partners
We will treat our business partners with utmost professionalism, respect and dignity. Our philosophy is that we should not be in business if we could not add value to our partners.

DANAU is a learning place.
We learn purposely and we learn purposely every day. Learning never stops in DANAU. Our internship program provides opportunities for knowledge seekers who wish to learn how to learn.

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