Commitment to people and organizations we seek to serve, our Customer
We at Danau recognize our customers as partners who share similar aspirations. Therefore, it is our commitment to provide them with highly relevant, current and innovative solutions, as well as quality and timely delivery of products and services. We will be resourceful and professional in delivering our solutions to our customers. By partnering with us, we hope to increase their values by realizing their aspirations.

Commitment to people whose life we seek to enhance, the Community
The ability to access and acquire knowledge freely is an extremely important criteria as communities around the world become knowledge societies. Thus, Danau is committed to providing the community with free access to knowledge and learning opportunities from which their lives can be improved.

Commitment to people with whom we share our aspiration, our Employee
Danau is committed to giving our employees with a conducive and enriching working environment from which personal and professional growth can take place, above average compensation and an active participation in carrying out meaningful projects.

Commitment to lifelong learning.
As knowledge becomes the main resource in our society, and economic prosperity becomes highly dependent on knowledge, our ability to learn new knowledge continuously in our working lifetime becomes vital. At DANAU, it is our commitment to support the development of new and more efficient learning methods, creations of new learning technologies and learning places, as well as the development of online knowledge portals which will directly benefit the society

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