Danau Is An Innovative And Resourceful Company

Exhibition Design

Our role is to provide leadership and guidance to client to ensure that the exhibition is successful.

Exhibit Design & Development

Our role is to work with customers to design and develop exhibits that surpass visitor's expectations.

Design Development

We provide detailed design of the exhibition environment based on prede-termined exhibition concept.

Graphic Design

Our work includes design and development of information graphics, environmental graphics, way of understanding signages and others.

Thematic Content Development

Our role to help customers articulate the message they would like to convey to the visitor & manage the development of storyline.

Subject Matter Research

Our research team is dedicated to understand the underlying knowledge and concepts, & milestones in human achievements.

Information Design

We use information to make decision, to learn, to teach & to find the way around places.

Interactive Media & Software

We work closely with our clients to create innovative digital content from which the audience can interact to form a better understanding of the exhibition subject.

Thematic Educational Activities & Programs

Our understanding of audience learning behaviour allows us to provide an effective learning experience to the audience.

Mastering New Tools For The New World

Our programs are designed to help individuals & families, students & educators, as well as government & business communities master the new tools for the new world.

Digital Social Inclusion

Our digital social inclusion program is designed to enable the participation of individuals, families & communities in the creation of new technology.

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