Exhibition Design
A successful exhibition begins with a clearly defined concept from which core ideas are developed, refined and transformed into a storyline. It requires extensive research, brainstorming, planning and coordination. Our role is to provide leadership and guidance to client to ensure that the exhibition is successful.

Design Development and Detailing
We provide detailed design of the exhibition environment based on predetermined exhibition concept. Specifications of materials, colours, graphic and other physical parameters are defined to build the character of the exhibition as determined by exhibition concept.

Exhibit Design and Development
Exhibits are an integral part of every exhibition. Today’s visitors come to exhibitions expecting not only to see innovative exhibits but also to play and interact with them. It is our role to work with customers to design and develop exhibits that surpass visitor’s expectations.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is a powerful tool for creating a unique exhibition environment and visitor experience. Our work includes design and development of information graphics, environmental graphics, wayfinding signages and others. This capability allows us to create a unique exhibition environment for the client

Thematic Content Development
Every exhibition has a story to tell. It is our role to help customers articulate the message they would like to convey to the visitor and manage the development of storyline and its contents so that it can be translated into physical environment that form the exhibition.

Information Design
People use information all the time. We use information to make decisions, to learn, to teach and to find the way around places. At KnowledgeWorks Studio, we create information graphics, environmental graphics, wayfinding signages, maps, charts and diagrams that use different techniques because we know people have different ways of understanding information that is presented to them

Subject Matter Research
Creating a unique and unforgettable exhibition requires deep understanding of the subject to be presented. Our research team is dedicated to understand the underlying knowledge and concepts, milestones in human achievements, issues concerning society and future applications to inspire people to persue the subject


Interactive Media and Software
Interactive media and software form an integral part of modern day exhibitions. We work closely with our clients to create innovative digital content from which the audience can interact to form a better understanding of the exhibition subject. Our solutions can be delivered using informing kiosks, websites and mobile platforms.


Thematic Educational Activities and Programs
Educational activities and programs based on a specific subject or area of interest is a powerful tool for creating awareness, generating interest and building commitment to pursue the subject. Our understanding of audience learning behaviour allows us to provide an effective learning experience to the audience.

Digital Social Inclusion
Our digital social inclusion program is designed to enable the participation of individuals, families and communities in the creation of new technology we hope to provide them with a better chance to control their own destinies in life.

Mastering New Tools for the New World
The world in which we live today is changing at a rapid pace. New Technologies have created new tools which are changing the way we learn. teach and do things. Our programs are designed to help individuals and families, students and educators, as well as government and business communities master the new tools for the new world.


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